The Rite through Construction

Originally organized as sole proprietorship, but later changed to corporation as part of the company’s plan to widen and expand its business in the entire Philippines. RiteBuild Systems Corporation is a company implying on the right methods and practices in the application of concrete repair systems.

As infrastructure is always related to solid foundations, Ritebuild is helping apply and maintain infrastructures, buildings, roads, underpasses, harbours and bridges through the application of quality construction chemicals materials and etc.

RiteBuild’s construction application fields include structural strengthening, concrete repair, waterproofing and floor treatment and toppings.


Ritebuild’s vision is to be the leading applicator for concrete repair and construction systems assuring quality and time tested materials to provide better and innovative construction solutions.


Ritebuild’s mission is to provide solution based methodologies to every customer that would insure in delivering its target accomplishments on schedule and quality workmanship throughout the entire project.

Core Competencies

Ritebuild seeks to use its core competencies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, in which competitors cannot provide the same value to consumers that Ritebuild does. Already Ritebuild has developed core competencies in (1) Offering high-quality, branded products whose image is recognizable among consumers; (2) Applying the right construction methodologies and insuring quality workmanship throughout the entire project; (3) Developing a reputation among contractors, consultants and engineers as a reliable applicator, delivering its target accomplishments on schedule and providing innovative solutions.