What services do we offer?


  • Waterproofing Adimixture: Capillary pore blocking for concrete and mortar adimixture for waterproofing concrete and mortar
  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing: High performance polyurethane and polyurea membranes based liquid applied waterproofing membranes.
  • Sheet waterproofing (Torch-On): Flexible synthetic PVC and TPO based membranes. Mainly used for waterproofing of large scale basements, tunnels and water retaining structures.

Concrete Repair, Epoxy Injection &Structural Strengthening

  • Repair Mortar:
    Cement based repair mortar for hand and machine sprayed application.
  • Corrosion Protection:
    High performance corrosion of reinforcement steel protection based on epoxy modified cement.
  • Injection Material:
    Epoxy based injection resin for cracks > 0.3 mm width.
  • Structural Adhesive for Concrete and Steel:
    2-component high performance epoxy based adhesives for the structural bonding of concrete, steel, glass, stone, wood and other materials.
  • Grouting Mortars:
    Shrinkage compensated cement based grout with very good workability, mechanical strengths.
  • CFRP Plates and Fabric:
    State of the art strengthening systems based on carbon fiber technology and other composite materials used for strengthening of reinforced concrete structures.


  • Multi-Storey and Underground Car Parks:
    Epoxy based, slip resistant wearing surfaces with high abrasion and impact restance
  • Production and Processng:
    Polyurethane and cement combination for high wear, chemical resistant and hygienic surfaces.
  • Warehousing, Retail Logistics:
    Water dispensed epoxy based floor coating for smooth floors. Rapid drying and easily maintained.
  • Commercial and Public Buildings:
    PU based, smooth, low VOC “Comfort Floors”. Noise absorbent, sound insulating and decorative.

Sealing and Bonding

  • Facade Joints:
    1-Component PU Sealant for high-level movement between precast concrete elements.

    1-Component PU Sealant for low-level movement connection joints with good adhesion to concrete.